Women’s participation in all areas of society and in sports administration is critical for the future, according to the head of the Turkish Chess Federation.

“I am proud to be a role model for young girls,” Gulkiz Tulay told Anadolu Agency on Monday, in an interview marking March 8, International Women’s Day.

She said she has tried to set a good example for girls by making all-out efforts to ensure that women are present at every step of life.

“When I was appointed the new head of the Chess Federation in 2012, there were 45,000 female athletes, 681 female referees, and 12,000 female trainers,” Tulay said.

Since then, she said, they have seen a jump in the number of female referees and trainers, adding that the federation has four female members in the ranks of its administration.

“Since 2012 the number of certified female athletes rose from 45,000 to 342,000,” she added.

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