Since the pandemic’s outbreak, Turkish Cargo, a subsidiary of national flag carrier Turkish Airlines, has delivered 100 million COVID-19 vaccine doses to more than 35 countries around the world with over 250 flights, the company said.

Despite the shrinking sector during the pandemic, the global air cargo brand has carried out an important mission for vaccine transportation, said a company statement on Thursday.

By transporting vaccines to key destinations such as Turkey, Azerbaijan, Rome, Serbia, Copenhagen, Miami, Sao Paulo, and Mexico, Turkish Cargo created a global corridor between more than 400 destinations.

“As the pandemic poses an unprecedented threat to the human health, our Turkish Cargo brand has a significant advantage when it comes to combatting this threat,” said Ilker Ayci, Turkish Airlines’ CEO.

Turkish Cargo is able to carry vaccine to more than 100 countries with its international air bridge, Ayci stressed, adding:

“With its successful operations, we boosted our global market share to 7.5% in pharmaceutical transportation and became one of the most active carriers in vaccine transportation.”

Prioritizing medical transportation during the pandemic, Turkish Cargo enhanced its capacity of cold air depots while ramping up its active and passive container capacity.

Turkish Cargo reaches over 320 destinations – including nearly 100 direct cargo destinations – with a fleet of 371 aircraft.

It is the fastest-growing and developing air cargo brand in the world, aiming to become one of the world’s top five air cargo brands by 2023.

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