Turkey’s service sector exports amounted to $65 billion as of 2019, the chairman of Turkish Airlines said Friday. 

Service sector exporters are aware of the need to act with an innovative approach to increase the value-add and reach $150 billion export targets in the medium term, Ilker Ayci, the chairman of Turkish Airlines and the head of Services Exporter’s Association, said in a speech at Turkey Innovation Week.

Stating the services sector is independent of raw materials and energy investments, Ayci noted it plays a major role in balancing the current account deficit.

“Turkish Airlines believes that innovation will be strengthened not only within the institution but also through the ecosystems created outside the institution,” he added.

Ayci stressed that Turkish Airlines is also proud to be part of the service industry.

“The industry is intertwined with innovation and demonstrates that innovation can be applied to all areas from business management to marketing,” he said.

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