Turkey’s president said on Monday that the young workers of his party are a ray of hope in the fight against disruption, division and destruction.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan made the remarks while addressing the youth branch of his Justice and Development (AK) Party in the capital Ankara.

“Along with being a member of the youth section of a political party, you will be the leaders, pioneers of and heirs to the great and strong Turkey of tomorrow, who will actualize our vision for 2053,” he said.

He stated that many former youth leaders of the party are now serving in the top echelons of administration and as members of parliament.

“Right now, there are 14 members in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and 1,472 members serving in municipalities who are under age 35.”

Calling on the youth to dream big and follow their dreams, Erdogan said: “Certainly, not all dreams come true, but without a dream, you cannot have a purpose either.”

“All great conquerors, statesmen, scholars, artists, sportspeople throughout the history set on the way with a purpose. A conquest without a dream leads to barbarianism, statesmanship without a dream to dictatorship, wisdom without a dream to disaster, and art without a dream to disappointment,” he went on to say.

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