It is a source of pride for Turkey to see the increasing potential of the Turkish language in all fields, such as education, culture, trade and communication, said Turkey’s president marking the Turkish Language Day on Friday.

In a statement published by the Communication Directorate, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey will continue to protect the Turkish language with an understanding that embraces all the richness of the language.

Erdogan said the Turkish language, one of the most ancient and widespread languages in the world, has always preserved its value, richness and privilege with different dialects and accents in a wide geography.

He said the Turkish nation owes its thousands of years of written cultural history, uninterrupted state tradition and its world-famous civilization to the Turkish language.

Stressing the importance and richness of the language in all areas of daily life, Erdogan said a language is the most important tool for a nation to connect with its past and walk into the future.

“Being sensitive to the correct and good use of Turkish in every field, especially in daily life and social media, will be the most important step in transferring the rich linguistic heritage that we have taken over from the past to future generations,” he said.

Erdogan underlined that the importance of the Turkish language, spoken in a wide geography from Asia to Europe, should be better understood with each passing day.

Every year, Sept. 26 is celebrated as the Language Day in Turkey, because, the first known Turkish Language Convention in history was held on Sept. 26, 1932.

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