Libya can carry on its democratic process, look at future with hope thanks to Turkish support: President Erdogan

Turkey will continue its efforts, continue to stand by Syrian people until Syria truly becomes country run by Syrians, says President Erdogan

President Erdogan calls on international investors to trust Turkey’s strength and potential

In coming days, we will reach a much better position by expanding Turkish economy in terms of investment, production, employment, exports: President Erdogan

Turkish president calls on public to put their gold and foreign currency assets into use with economy, production

Turkey to continue to shape relations with all countries in line with its own interests, nation’s expectations, says Erdogan

President Erdogan says recent market fluctuations do not reflect potential of Turkish economy

Turkey closed 2020 with 16M tourists and $12.4B in tourism revenue, eyeing 75M tourists in coming period, says President Erdogan

Turkey, as country located at heart of Africa, Asia, Europe, does not have luxury to turn its backs on either East or West, says President Erdogan

President Erdogan says current constitution has lost its validity, calls for making new, civilian constitution

New, civilian Constitution for Turkey inevitable, comprising national history as well as ever-evolving global context, says Turkey’s president

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