Turkey’s daily electricity consumption increased by 0.85% to 871,580 megawatt-hours on Thursday, according to official figures of Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation (TEIAS) on Friday.

Hourly power consumption peaked at local time 18.00 with 41,629 megawatt-hours, data from TEIAS showed.

The country’s electricity usage dropped to its lowest daily point of 29,168 megawatt-hours at local time 05.00.

Electricity production totaled 874,875 megawatt-hours on Thursday, marking a 0.98% increase compared to the previous day.

The majority of the output came from natural gas reaching 216,884 megawatt-hours. Imported coal and lignite plants followed with 204,479 megawatt-hours and 140,072 megawatt-hours, respectively.

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