Turkey’s Justice and Development (AK) Party on Friday submitted the government’s 4th judicial reform package to the Parliament’s Speaker Office.

“The 4th Judicial Package aims to strengthen the independence of the judiciary and the right to a fair trial, and to improve legal predictability and transparency,” Muhammet Emin Akbasoglu, the AK Party’s deputy parliamentary group chair, told a press conference at parliament.

The package includes new measures to combat violence against women, he added.

Under the package, harsher punishments for the crimes of homicide, premeditated assault, torture, and deprivation of liberty committed against a spouse will now also include partners who are divorced.

Also, arrests for crimes including genocide, violating the Constitution, and child sexual abuse will depend on strong suspicion based on concrete evidence.

Judgeship candidates and lawyer trainees will be given the opportunity to do internships at the Constitutional Court.

The package will be discussed next week by parliament’s Justice Committee.

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