Turkey will not sacrifice its children to the PKK/YPG terror organization, the nation’s presidential communications director said Friday. 

“It is our promise to the parents in tears with the longing for their children; we will not sacrifice our children to the wheel of terror and abuse,” Fahrettin Altun said on Twitter and posted a video: “YPG continues to exploit children.”

“Our struggle will continue with determination until we save our last child from the clutches of the treacherous PKK/YPG terrorist organization,” he added.

The video said that a report published by the UN once again revealed that the Syrian arm of the PKK terror group, known as the YPG, continues to recruit children.

“The YPG constitutes a majority of the Syrian Democratic Forces, a US partner in the coalition against ISIS/Daesh. According to the report, there are 318 verified cases of child recruitment by the YPG and 99 by its all women wing the YPJ under the umbrella of US coalition partner the SDF,” said the video. “The SDF and its affiliates were responsible for 35% of all verified child recruitment cases in Syria. The YPG and its umbrella the SDF continue to violate human rights despite signing joint action plan with the UN to end child recruitment in 2019.”

The video further stated that “Turkey has repeatedly warned the international community of the danger posed to children by the PKK and its affiliates.”

The video emphasized that children were abducted and forcibly recruited by the terror organization in southeast Turkey, and mothers of some of the children who have been abducted by the PKK hold a sit-in in front of the HDP Provincial Directorate in Diyarbakir.

“The pressure created by the mothers of Diyarbakir resulted in more than 240 families reuniting with their children last year,” it added.

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