Turkey will never give up freedom of the press, said the nation’s president on Sunday, stressing that journalists should fulfill their duty of informing the public accurately and contributing to democracy.

In a message marking Jan. 10 Working Journalists’ Day, which has been celebrated since 1961 to honor the rights of journalists, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey will never give up freedom of the press, while ensuring it is not abused to spread propaganda against the country from within the country or abroad.

Stating that the media is an indispensable element of democracy for ensuring the public right to news, Erdogan said journalists have a democratic and moral responsibility to meet an important need for society.

Erdogan stressed that new media channels that offer news in the name of journalism should also follow professional principles and press ethics.

“In today’s world where the speed of information has increased in a dizzying way, the understanding of accurate and honest reporting is more valuable than ever. Therefore, journalists also have a great responsibility in the struggle for truth against lies and disinformation,” he said.

Expressing his appreciation and gratitude to members of the press who made devoted efforts to fulfill their duties during the pandemic, Erdogan wished Allah’s mercy for those journalists who lost their lives in the line of duty.

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