The number of motor vehicle registered in Turkey increased 38% year-on-year in January-March period, with 219,747 registrations, the country’s statistics authority announced on Thursday. 

Turkstat said the number of withdrawn road motor vehicles, on the other hand, decreased by 73.5%, or 13,956.

“Hence, the increase in motor vehicles registered became 205,791,” it added.

“Regarding the vehicle registrations cars accounted for 60.1%, followed by motorcycles 16.7%, small trucks 13.4%, tractors 5.8%, trucks 2.0%, minibus 1.1%, bus 0.7%,” it added.

March figures

Meanwhile, in March, 72,072 road motor vehicle registrations were recorded, marking a 35.6% increase compared with the previous month.

In March, the number of road motor vehicle registrations increased by 48.8%, 35.1%, 34.4% for motorcycles, cars and tractors respectively.

In the month, 43,300 cars were registered to the traffic and in terms of brands, 17.2% were Renault vehicles, 10.4% were Fiat, and 13.6% were Volkswagen.

At the end of March, the total number of road motor vehicles registered reached 23.3 million

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