The Turkey Uganda Foundation (TURUGA Foundation) inaugurated a fully furnished mosque in the central town of Wakiso on Friday and handed over an assortment of humanitarian items to school children.

Before the mosque, located at the Mubarak School in Wakiso, was constructed, local Muslims had to offer daily prayers in makeshift structures provided by the school community.

Speaking at the ceremony, TURUGA Foundation President Ahmet Faruk said that with the mosque, the foundation hoped to assist the local community.

“The mosques should be used to foster peace and to develop a spirit of love and togetherness within the community. I hope and pray that the people of this community will uphold such universal human values that unite us all,” said Faruk.

The mosque’s inaugural prayers were held under social distancing measures amid rising cases of the novel coronavirus in the East African country.

Fatih Baroglu, the TURUGA director in Uganda, said that bringing relief to others and alleviating their suffering was an integral part of Islam.

“The Turkish people are partners in the development of Ugandans, we have and continue to support communities in areas of education, access to safe and clean water among others. We conduct all our activities in accordance with laws governing this country, our goal is to share the resources available to us, with the most deserving,” said Baroglu.

“I pray that this mosque proves to be a beacon of unity, togetherness and societal cohesion for the entire community,” he added.

The school’s head teacher Amina Kakooza welcomed the mosque’s opening, saying the community was having difficulty in finding space for the growing Muslim population to pray.

“This is a big step forward for our school in particular and our community in general that will go a long way in fostering development,” she said.

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