When the Ergene Basin Action Plan is completed, Turkey will have one of Europe’s largest environmental projects, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Saturday.

Erdogan said Turkey will resolutely continue to actualize the 2.5 billion liras ($365 million) environmental project in the northwestern Thrace region.

He said 28 streams, a total length of 395 kilometers (245 miles), have so far been improved.

“500,000 decares of agricultural land was taken under protection against floods. 11 flow and meteorological observation stations that will provide early warning against floods were established. Construction of 12 wastewater treatment and 3 wastewater collector lines has been started,” he said in a tweet.

Erdogan said irrigation of more than 1.2 million hectares of agricultural land will be provided with 25 irrigation facilities projects, 24 of which are put into service.

“Totally, All facilities will be built in a capacity to treat the wastewater of a population of 1.13 million people—foreseen for 2045,” he added.

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