During the pandemic, businesses have made more investment in technology, which they previously postponed, the chairman of an Istanbul-based technology firm said.

Technology investments have risen through the pandemic, said Haldun Pak, the head of Rasyotek, noting that a critical technological transformation occurred in the finance, retail, and health sectors.

“Many traditional working methods were abandoned in this period and replaced by technological alternatives. For the coming period, this change has also put digitalization on an irreversible path,” he said.

Stressing that they have received positive results from the digital transformation triggered by the pandemic, Pak said: “Since the first months of 2020, the number of our customers has increased significantly by up to 30%.”

Pak also said digitalization must be a public policy for a robust technological transformation.

“We launched a portal with an investment of more than 10 million Turkish liras ($1.28 million) which enables managing all business processes from a single channel.

“The Super Portal also enables management of business processes of various public institutions and ensures effective use of investment incentives.”

Making the portal a digital solution platform for the private sector is our long-term goal, he added.

* Writing by Yunus Girgin in Ankara

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