Turkey will work to fight childhood obesity and related disorders through new measures in many areas, including schools, restaurants, and sports activities, said the nation’s top health official.

Under the Turkish Health Ministry’s 2019-2023 Action Plan for Preventing Childhood Obesity, snack areas and vending machines in schools will work to provide healthier food.

Underlining that obesity is a growing problem both in Turkey and worldwide, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca told Anadolu Agency that obesity began to take hold of children and young people in particular.

“The state should encourage society and individuals to adopt healthy lifestyles by developing effective and widespread policies to combat obesity, providing sources of accurate information, and various other opportunities,” Koca said.

“Individuals should seek services, benefit from facilities provided by the state, and adopt a lifestyle in which they adopt habits of adequate and balanced nutrition and regular physical activity,” he added.

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