A new smart system has been developed in Turkey to warn residents about leaks in electric poles through sound and light, the country’s electricity company said Saturday.

Enerjisa said the Do Not Touch Me system will protect living creatures, especially children and animals, against electric shock.

It was developed by Enerjisa’s engineers and will be integrated into electric poles in pre-determined areas.

It takes just five minutes to mount the system to the pole and works with the voltage on the pole without the need for an external energy source, according to the company.

When there is a leak, the device will warn those nearby through sound and light.

Residents will be able to report leaks by dialing Enerjisa electricity number 186.

Priority is densely populated areas

The Anatolian side of Istanbul was chosen as the pilot area for the device. Later, the system will be used in other parts of the country.

The device is already mounted on more than 3,000 poles and that number is “soon” planned to reach 10,000.

It will be put to use in 30,000 more poles in other cities and first used in densely populated areas, including schools, hospitals, recreational areas and squares.

Despite controls and periodic maintenance, the system is intended to reduce the risk of leakage on electricity networks and poles that are open to external factors.

Do Not Touch Me also received an innovation award Thursday at the Sabanci Golden Collar Awards.

*Writing by Sena Guler

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