The Turkish foreign ministry slammed allegations Tuesday by Lebanese politicians that claimed Ankara supported protests in Lebanon. 

“The allegations brought up by some Lebanese politicians, that our country supported the protest demonstrations in the north of Lebanon, and that it aimed to improve its influence in this region of Lebanon, are deprived of comprehension,” said foreign ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy.

It is not possible to take “these malicious statements” seriously, according to Aksoy who said Turkey attaches great importance to the unity and integrity, as well as peace and stability of Lebanon.

“Those who make these allegations are in a position to know very well who sees Lebanon as its backyard and interferes with the internal affairs of this country,” Aksoy added.

Lebanon is witnessing the worst economic crisis in its history, coinciding with the plunge of its currency to more than half its value. The high rate of inflation has pushed nearly half of the population below the poverty line.

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