The number of motor vehicles registered in Turkey was up 16% in September compared to same month last year, reaching over 52,456, the country’s statistics authority said on Tuesday.

The total number of road motor vehicles registered was over 23.1 million by the end of the month, TurkStat said.

In September, out of the total vehicles in Turkey, automobiles enjoyed the lion’s share with 54.8% of new registrations, while motorcycles accounted for 27.5%. Small trucks came in third at 9.3%.

In terms of distribution of model brands for new registered cars in the month, 14.3% were Volkswagen, 13.2% Renault, 10.4% Fiat, 7.6% Toyota, 5.5% Honda, 4.9% Skoda, 4.7% Hyundai, 4% Opel, 3.9% Mercedes-Benz and 3.8% Ford.

Other brands accounted for 27.8%.

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