Turkey saw a total of 76,058 new registrations of vehicles in June, the country’s statistical authority reported Wednesday.

TurkStat said the number of new motor vehicles registered last month jumped by 81.5% year-on-year.

Among the 76,058 vehicle registrations in June, cars accounted for 41.2%, followed by motorcycles at 38.8%, small trucks at 10.5% and tractors at 6.7%, according to TurkStat.

Trucks, minibuses, buses, trucks and special purpose vehicles constituted 2.8% of new registrations, it added.

In terms of the distribution of brands, 18.2% of all newly registered cars were Renault, 11.4% were Fiat and 7.8% were Volkswagen.

The total number of road motor vehicles registered reached 23.5 million in Turkey as of the end of June, TurkStat said.

“At the end of June, cars represented 54.1%, small trucks 16.4%, motorcycles 14.4%, tractors 8.2%, trucks 3.6%, minibuses 2.1%, buses 0.9% and special purpose vehicles 0.3% of total number of road motor vehicles registered,” it noted.

During the first half of the year, a total of 388,056 vehicles were registered, up 23.9% on a yearly basis, while the number of withdrawn road motor vehicles was down by 81.9% to 24,344.

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