Ankara-based Turkish Writers’ Union on Saturday held an online talk to commemorate Muhammed Emin Er, an Islamic scholar trained in the Ottoman tradition.

Turkish historian and late scholar’s son Ibrahim Halil Er talked about his father’s life, ideas, and works during a discussion on the Instagram account of the union.

Er mentioned his father’s life in prison and said that he was a “bridge among scholars in Turkey”.

“He lived abroad for 25 years and he worked for Islam’s to be spread in the US with his exemplary personality,” he added.

The late scholar returned to Turkey in 2011-2012, Er said, adding: “He told us I have one year left to live.” He died in 2013.

Born in 1914 and dubbed as the last Ottoman scholar, Muhammed Emin Er was a student of the influential 20th century Islamic scholar Said Nursi who himself had Kurdish roots.

He published several books on Islamic law and Sufism, namely Laws of the Hearts and Soul of Islam.

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