An agreement to enhance cultural cooperation between Ankara and Budapest was published in Turkey’s Official Gazette on Thursday.

The agreement aims “to strengthen existing cultural relations and further promote reciprocal cooperation on the basis of equality and mutual respect.”

According to the protocol, both Turkey and Hungary must aim to develop cooperation between cultural and art institutions.

Governments of both the countries will organize joint projects on protection, restoration and scientific investigation of intangible cultural heritage.

Exchange of information material and publication, particularly in public and national libraries, exchange of microfilms and digital copies of manuscripts to enrich each country’s collections, has also been agreed upon.

Mutual events and reciprocal visits of bands, artists while supporting and promoting music, choreography, opera, ballet and other art forms will be arranged in line with the agreement.

International film festivals, international symposiums, panels and festivals shall also be encouraged and organized mutually.

While the agreement is effective for five years at least, it will be automatically renewed unless either country notifies otherwise.

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