We need to get used to living with masks; Turkey has successfully completed this process, presidential spokesperson says


The normalization process will not be about abandoning measures all together but we have to adapt to the new normal, Turkey’s presidential spokesperson said Saturday. 

“We need to get used to living with masks. Turkey will go down to history when this coronavirus pandemic is over and it is written down,” Ibrahim Kalin said on local television station NTV.

Turkey wants to open for the tourism season as soon as possible, Kalin said. “We cannot allow anything negative affecting our positive image during the pandemic. Tourists will be tested before boarding the plane on their way to Turkey.” 

All countries went through a socio-economic test, and I think Turkey has passed it successfully, he said. 

Turkey will not tolerate threats

Turning to Libya, Kalin was adamant about Ankara’s backing of that country’s government. “Turkey will not tolerate Khalifa Haftar’s, or anyone else’s threats. In terms of the agreement that we have made, we are on a perfectly legal ground in Libya, and will continue to support the Libyan government.” 

Regarding Syria, he said Turkey will not tolerate equating Syrian Kurds to PKK/YPG, and making PKK/YPG the representative of Syrian Kurds. This is not fair for Syrian Kurds.” 

*Writing by Firdevs Bulut

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