Turkey is a fundamental pillar for Europe and its membership to the EU has been blocked for political reasons, the country’s deputy foreign affairs minister said on Thursday. 

“In order to create a geopolitical European Union in Europe, which includes many ethnicities and many religions together with security, defense, energy, trade, tourism, foreign policy, the membership processes of all candidate countries should be accelerated,” he said in his address to the Prespa Dialogue Forum in North Macedonia. 

“At the end of the process, if there is a situation contrary to the general interests of the European Union, then of course, the desired country can use the right of veto. However, vetoing at the beginning of the process hinders dialogue, creates mistrust, conflict, and makes many problems even more difficult to resolve.” 

Kaymakci added that the EU should be consistent on Cyprus. “It is also very important to keep the promises made to the Turkish Cypriots,” he argued.   

*Writing by Talha Ozturk in Belgrade

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