Turkey on Tuesday expressed deep concern over developments following Sunday’s parliamentary elections in Kyrgyzstan.

“We are deeply concerned about the developments after the parliamentary elections held in Kyrgyzstan on Oct. 4, 2020,” the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“It is our most sincere wish to prevent the escalation of these developments and to solve the differences of opinion and attitude regarding the elections within the constitutional order with social consensus and common sense,” the statement stressed.

Turkey does not doubt that Kyrgyzstan has the political maturity to resolve these issues with common sense and solidarity of its own people, it added.

“We strongly believe that friendly and brotherly Kyrgyz people and all political groups will act in unity and solidarity for the peace and prosperity of Kyrgyzstan in this sensitive period,” it noted.

On Monday, Kyrgyzstan’s election body announced the first official results of elections held Sunday to choose 120 new members of its parliament.

According to preliminary results, voter turnout was around 55% and only four political parties out of 16 passed the 7% threshold to enter the parliament: the Birimdik (Unity) Party, Mekenim Kyrgyzstan (Homeland Kyrgyzstan) Party, Kyrgyzstan Party, and Butun (All) Kyrgyzstan Party.

Demonstrators then broke into the parliament and other buildings, clashed with police, and demanded a new vote. Kyrgyzstan’s election commission on Tuesday announced it is annulling the results of the parliamentary elections.

While one person died amid the ongoing protests, nearly 600 people have reportedly been injured.

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