Turkey deserves better days and better news ahead, the leader of a new political party said on Thursday.

“We know very well that this country deserves a better government, democracy, justice, and welfare. We are here because we believe that not a single person living in this country deserves injustice, poverty, or deprivation,” Ali Babacan, leader of the Democracy and Progress (DEVA) Party, told the party’s first ordinary congress in the capital Ankara.

Babacan, a onetime economy minister, added: “Not only for Turkey but also for the world, a new political movement began to arise.”

Turkey’s issues are our issues, and the economic woes of the Turkish public are our woes, he said.

“It is our duty to be the remedy for all troubles, and to be the remedy for this country,” he said.

Babacan founded the party on March 11.

At the congress, the party selected provincial heads for all 81 of Turkey’s provinces.

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