Turkey on Sunday expressed concern over yesterday’s arrests of the former head of the Jordanian Royal Court as well as other former officials for “security reasons.”

“We are concerned over the events that began with the detention of some individuals in Jordan on the grounds that they pose a threat to the stability of the country,” said a Turkish Foreign Ministry statement.

On Saturday, Jordan’s former Crown Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein and former Jordanian Royal Court head Bassem Ibrahim Awadallah were among some 20 people allegedly detained on the grounds that they pose a threat to Jordan’s stability.

Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein was crown prince in 1999-2004 before King Abdullah II’s eldest son, Hussein bin Abdullah, was appointed to the post.

Noting that Jordan is a key country for peace in the Middle East, the ministry said its stability and peace are as important as Turkey’s.

Turkey also expressed “strong support” for the peace, prosperity, and well-being of King Abdullah II, the Jordanian government, and its people.

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