As temperatures continue to rise and electricity demand increases throughout the country, the all-time record in consumption was broken with 1.02 megawatt-hours on Tuesday.

This represents an increase of 3.17% compared to the previous day, according to official figures of the Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation (TEIAS) on Wednesday.

Hourly power consumption peaked at 49,316 megawatt-hours at 15.00 local time, data from TEIAS showed. The country’s electricity usage dropped to its lowest level of 33,214 megawatt-hours at 07.00 local time.

Electricity production amounted to 1.03 million megawatt-hours on Tuesday, marking a 3.14% increase from Monday.

Turkey’s electricity production from natural gas plants constituted 34% of total electricity consumption, hydroelectricity power plants held a 16.1% share while imported coal plants comprised 14.28%.

On Tuesday, Turkey’s electricity exports amounted to 12,167 megawatt-hours, while imports totaled 6,039 megawatt-hours.

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