The intensive care treatment of a baby, whose mother was a uterus recipient from a cadaveric donor, has completed after three months, Turkish doctors said.

Derya Sert became the world’s first uterus recipient a decade ago at Turkey’s Akdeniz University Hospital. She became a mother on June 4.

The baby, Omer Ozkan, who was named after one of the caring doctors, was transferred to intensive care after he was born.

He got over the critical three-month-long process at the unit and will be discharged from the hospital in a few days after routine check-ups are completed.

Professor Omer Ozkan at Akdeniz University’s Medical Department said the uterus transplant operation had taken over seven hours.

Sert conceived naturally and gave birth to a baby in 2020.

The doctor said the intensive care process went smoothly as the baby gained weight gradually, reaching three kilograms in the end, and was taken out of the unit later on.

He added that the successful birth of the baby would pave the way for similar operations in the future, especially for couples unable to have children.

*Writing by Ali Murat Alhas

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