Police seized 750,000 contraband macaron cigarettes Wednesday in northwestern Bursa province, according to security sources.

Authorities from the anti-smuggling and organized crimes unit stopped a car in Bursa, confiscated the cigarettes and arrested a suspect.

Separately, police in eastern Van province raided three houses and seized 38,750 contraband cigarettes.

Two suspects were arrested in that operation.

Also in Van, anti-smuggling units seized 16,958 kilograms (37,386 pounds) of illicit drugs and arrested four suspects.

The anti-smuggling and organized crime unit searched a car in Ozalp and seized 11,200 kilograms (24,700 pounds) of a synthetic drug.

In another search of a vehicle in Ipekyolu district, authorities found 5,038 kilograms (11107 pounds) of heroin.

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