Turkey saw 52,080 new registrations of road motor vehicles in May, the country’s statistical authority reported Monday.

TurkStat said the number of new motor vehicle registrations last month fell 9.8% on a yearly basis, while increased 29.6% on a monthly basis.

Among the 52,080 vehicle registrations in May, cars accounted for 43.7%, followed by motorcycles at 37.4%, small trucks at 8.8% and tractors at 7.4%, according to TurkStat.

Trucks, minibus, bus and special purpose vehicles constituted 2.7% of new registrations.

Among 22,748 newly registered cars in May, Renault’s share was 19.1%, while Peugeot (15.2%), Opel and Fiat (both 9%), and Citroen (6.3%) followed it.

The total number of road motor vehicles registered reached 23.45 million as of the end of May, TurkStat said, adding: “Cars represented 54.1%, small trucks 16.4%, motorcycles 14.4%, tractors 8.2%, trucks 3.6%, minibuses 2.1%, buses 0.9% and special purpose vehicles 0.3% of total number of road motor vehicles registered.”

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