Robert O’Brien, outgoing US President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, said Monday that there will be a “professional transition” of power to President-elect Joe Biden’s team “if the current lawsuits don’t work out.”

O’Brien told American news outlet The Hill at the Global Security Forum that Trump may still win a second term if the courts find out there was widespread voter fraud.

“If there is a new administration, they deserve some time to come in and implement their policies,” he said. “We may have policy disagreements but look, if the Biden- [Vice President-elect Kamala] Harris ticket is determined to be the winner — and obviously things look that way now — we’ll have a very professional transition from the National Security Council. There’s no question about it.”

Citing the example of George W. Bush-Al Gore transition when it did not start until mid-December, he said: “The great thing in the United States of America, we’ve passed the baton and had peaceful successful transitions even in the most contentious periods.”

“And if we’re in a situation where we’re not going into a Trump second term, which I think people, where I’m sitting in the White House, would like to see, if it’s another outcome, it will be a professional transition, there’s no question about it,” he added.

Trump vows legal action for allegations of widespread voter fraud, demanding recounts in Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, the Biden team is urging the US General Services Administration to “move quickly” on certification of a presidential transition team which is currently on hold.

Biden is expected to press ahead with Cabinet picks despite Trump’s reluctance to concede.

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