In a phone call, the head of the European Council on Monday invited US President-elect Joe Biden to attend a summit in Brussels next year.

“I just spoke to President-elect @JoeBiden and invited him to a special meeting in Brussels next year with #EU27. Now is the time to join forces on COVID19 climate #security #multilateralism,” said President Charles Michel on Twitter.

“Let’s rebuild a strong #EU #USA alliance,” he added.

Earlier this month, an EU official said Michel is planning to invite Biden to meet via video conference to discuss five main issues: COVID-19, common values and multilateralism, climate change, trade, security, and geopolitical common interests.

After media outlets declared Biden the winner of the Nov. 3 election, leaders in the EU sent congratulatory messages declaring they want to revive and strengthen EU-US ties after the Donald Trump administration weakened alliances.

Despite a global chorus of congratulations and acknowledgments that Biden is the incoming US president, Trump has refused to concede and has been pursuing legal challenges to the vote.

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