Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha on Tuesday warned that the country will lose an opportunity to move forward if the anti-government protests continue. 

“We need to learn more and act rationally so that it will not affect the public. Otherwise our country and the people will lose the opportunity.

“No one wins or loses. That’s what i am more concerned about,” said Prayut after a Cabinet meeting as quoted by the local daily Bangkok Post.

He said the protesters conveyed their real intentions so the public must decide for themselves.

“We will trust the relevant authorities to enforce the law in dealing with the protesters because the government is not in conflict with anyone,” said Prayut referring to the student’s rally planned for Thursday in front of the parliament building.

Since mid-July, a coalition of Thai youths, students, and political activists has staged a series of anti-government protests.

Initially against the impact of the coronavirus outbreak and lockdown, the protests have spread nationwide and also include demands for reforms in the monarchy.

The movement also calls for the resignation of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha, dissolution of parliament, and the freedom to criticize the government.

Last Saturday, thousands of people gathered at Sanam Luang, a public square in Bangkok, demanding reforms in the monarchy.

The Thai police is preparing a charge sheet against 16 leaders of the demonstration last weekend.

They are also taking legal action against protesters who installed a pro-democracy plaque at Sanam Luang on Sunday.

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