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Photography enthusiasts to bid for prized photos by Ara Guler

Late photographer's signature black and white views of Istanbul, portraits of writer Yasar Kemal to be up for bidding

Kashmir embedded in China’s goal for supremacy: Author

British author Humphrey Hawksley in his novel 20 years ago portrayed war between India, Pakistan and China

Algeria opposes Libya’s division

Algerian foreign minister told Anadolu Agency his country maintains good relations with all Libyan sides

Turkish staffers in Bangladesh pray for July 15 martyrs

DHAKA, Bangladesh Turkish officials in Bangladesh held special prayers in the capital Dhaka, marking the 4th anniversary of the 2016 defeated coup attempt in Turkey. "We...

Focus on low-performing students will add $6.3T to Turkish economy

ANKARA Turkey has seen good progress over the last decade, not just enrolling more students in education but also raising the learning standards of these...

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