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Turkey maintains dried fruit exports amid virus

ISTANBUL Turkey exported dried fruits worth $606.5 million in the first half of the year amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to data compiled from the...

WHO criticized for ‘contradictory' COVID-19 statements

GENEVA The World Health Organization (WHO) is still the target of critics over "confusing" and "contradictory" decisions during the novel coronavirus outbreak. The WHO, which has...

Fire breaks out in village in northeast Turkey

ARTVIN, Turkey A fire broke out Tuesday in a village in northeastern Turkey, an official said. The village comprises nearly 70 wooden houses with a population...

Kenya delays reopening of schools till January 2021

ANKARA Not taking any chance with the COVID-19 pandemic, Kenya has delayed re-opening of schools till January 2021, local media reported on Tuesday. The schools were...

Tanzanian authorities ban online TV station

DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania Tanzania's broadcasting regulatory authority has suspended a privately owned internet-based broadcaster for eleven months for publicizing information the government deems misleading. The...

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