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Turkey brings back 90,000+ citizens from 130 countries

ANKARA Turkey has brought back more than 90,000 citizens from 130 countries so far as part of its evacuation efforts during the coronavirus pandemic, the...

31 inmates contract COVID-19 at Iraqi prison

BAGHDAD, Iraq Iraqi authorities on Sunday confirmed 31 coronavirus infections among inmates at a prison facility in Baghdad. Kamal Ameen, the director of Juvenile Correction Department,...

Trump stopped West Bank annexation: Ex-Knesset speaker

ANKARA The former Speaker of Knesset (Israel’s parliament), Abraham Borg, said US President Donald Trump has halted the Israeli plan to annex parts of the...

Pakistan: Opposition leader recovers from COVID-19

KARACHI, Pakistan Pakistan's main opposition leader Shehbaz Sharif has recovered from coronavirus after a weeks-long battle, the party announced on Sunday. Sharif, the president of Pakistan...

New COVID-19 cases in Russia drop for 3rd week in a row

MOSCOW Russia has seen a decrease in coronavirus cases and prevalence of recoveries over new infections for the third week in a row. This week, a...

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