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Serbia, Kosovo to resume talks for normalization

BERLIN Serbia and Kosova have agreed to resume EU-sponsored talks for normalization, leaders of Germany and France said in a joint statement. German Chancellor Angela Merkel...

Poland votes for neck-and-neck 2nd round elections

WARSAW, Poland Polls in Poland are too close to call as two candidates, Duda and Trzaskowski, are said to have almost a fifty-fifty chance to...

UK opts out of EU coronavirus vaccine scheme

LONDON The UK has opted out of the European Union’s coronavirus vaccine scheme, local media reported on Friday. The EU’s €2 billion scheme is set to...

Today in 60 seconds – July 10, 2020

<!--Today in 60 seconds - July 10, 2020

Turkish sailors return after captivity in Eritrea

ANKARA Three Turkish sailors are all set to return home after a nearly two-month detention in the East African country of Eritrea. Last month, Selim Ekmekcioglu,...

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