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Germany says tourism talks with Turkey to continue

BERLIN Germany and Turkey will continue their talks on tourism and conditions for lifting coronavirus-related travel restrictions, the German foreign minister said on Thursday. Speaking at...

Turkey: 8 YPG/PKK terrorists get aggravated life terms

SANLIURFA, Turkey A Turkish court on Thursday gave eight YPG/PKK terrorists aggravated life sentences. The Sanliurfa Heavy Criminal Court No. 6 sentenced Ibrahim Halaf, Mahmud Eddahir,...

Turkey demands apology from France

ANKARA Turkey's foreign minister on Thursday demanded an apology from France for misleading NATO and EU about recent tensions in the Mediterranean. “France did not tell...

Turkish resort city ready for safe tourism season

ANTALYA, Turkey Turkey’s Mediterranean resort city of Antalya is fully set up to ensure safe tourism and a virus-free environment, according to Ukraine’s envoy to...

Palestine cuts staff pay in half amid financial crisis

RAMALLAH, Palestine The Palestinian government on Thursday said it will pay its employees half of their salary for the month of May, amid the decline...

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