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Tunisia: Ennahda vice president quits politics

TUNIS  Vice President of Tunisia's Ennahda movement Abdelfattah Mourou has announced his retirement from politics. Speaking to private radio station Mosaique, Mourou, 72, said his decision...

Nicaragua: COVID-19 cases reach 759, deaths 35

ANKARA  Nicaragua's tally of total novel coronavirus cases reached 759, while the death toll stands at 35, according to a weekly report by the country's...

Mother seeks help from Merkel to rescue daughter

BERLIN A German-Turkish mother has called on Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday to help mothers who struggle to rescue their children from the terrorist PKK...

Survey expects 5.2% growth in Turkish economy in Q1

ISTANBUL  The Turkish economy is projected to have expanded 5.2% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2020, an Anadolu Agency survey revealed Wednesday. On Friday, the...

'Can't breathe' riots in US slam 'police racism'

ANKARA  Thousands have flooded to streets of Minneapolis in the US state of Minnesota after killing of a black man in an arrest, eliciting severe...

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