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EU to revise data protection rules

BRUSSELS The European Union might revise its data protection law after a top court invalidated a widely used EU-US data transfer agreement, EU commissioner for...

Turkey: Another family reunites with PKK-kidnapped boy

MERSIN / DIYARBAKIR, Turkey  Thanks to Turkish police’s efforts, another child kidnapped by the PKK terror group reunited with his family on Thursday. According to a...

Russia to hold phase 3 of COVID-19 vaccine trial abroad

MOSCOW The second phase of a COVID-19 vaccine trials in Russia is expected to be finished by Aug. 3, head of the Russian Fund of...

'Daesh girl can return to fight for UK citizenship'

LONDON A British court ruled on Thursday that Shamima Begum, a woman who joined Daesh/ISIS as a teenager, should be allowed to return to the...

Rwanda allows reopening of places of worship

ANKARA  Rwanda has allowed the reopening of places of worship after nearly four months of closure due to the coronavirus pandemic. Following a Cabinet meeting chaired...

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