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Turkey vows to bring in more star players in sports

ISTANBUL Turkey has been focusing on a policy to produce many more star players in sports branches including football and basketball. Turkish Youth and Sports Minister...

Kashmir: 2 militants killed in gunfight

SRINAGAR, Jammu and Kashmir Two militants in the Indian-administered Kashmir were killed on Saturday after a gunfight broke out between the rebels and government forces...

Turkey rebuts Greece on Quran session in Hagia Sophia

ANKARA Turkey on Saturday shot back at an objection from Greece on the reading of passages from the Muslim holy book, the Quran, in the...

India: Arrests of students during lockdown raise concern

NEW DELHI India's Narendra Modi government is targeting student leaders and female activists in the shadow of a nationwide COVID-19 lockdown, observers told Anadolu Agency. The...

Burundi first lady in Kenya for COVID-19 treatment

NAIROBI, Kenya  The Burundi first lady Denise Bucumi Nkurunziza is currently undergoing treatment in Kenya after being airlifted from her country to get specialized treatment...

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