IDLIB, Syria 

Syrian regime forces, Russia and Iran backed-groups on Monday seized 12 villages in northwestern Syria, despite a de-escalation zone in the region.

In a fresh offensive, Al-Modairesa, Abu Sharji, Al-Qarati, Karsatna, Al-Halba, Al-Tah, Al-Meisruneh, Mazraat Al-Khalifa, Tahtaya, Abu Makki, Al-Saqia and Al-Sarman were brought under regime control.

The move increased the number of villages captured by the Assad regime and its allies to 26 since Dec. 20.

Over 1,300 civilians have been killed in the Idlib de-escalation zone despite a deal reached by Ankara and Moscow in September 2018.

Over a million Syrians have moved near the Turkish

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