HATAY, Turkey

Syrian infant Mahmoud El Ali from Idlib, northern Syria, won a battle for life, thanks to Turkish doctors’ altruistic efforts. 

Mahmoud, who started to suffer from shortness of breath and cyanosis immediately after his birth, was brought two months ago to Mustafa Kemal University Research Hospital in Turkey’s southern Hatay province.

An initial examination by Dr. Nuh Yilmaz showed the infant’s health situation was critical, as his heart was not functioning properly, and his body was not able to get sufficient oxygen.

Yilmaz, after an angiography, placed a stent on the infant’s heart as part of the treatment.

After Mahmoud started to recover, averting the life-threatening risk, he was taken to the hospital’s intensive care unit for the infants.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Yilmaz, the Turkish doctor who treated the Syrian infant, expressed happiness over Mahmoud’s recovery and praised the Turkish health system’s capabilities.

*Writing by Ahmet Gencturk in Ankara

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