PARIS – The popular French tourist destination of St. Tropez made masks mandatory on streets Saturday.

With the summer season in full swing, it brings a modicum of control to a place known for freewheeling fun and some of the best beach-going on the Mediterranean Sea.

There were more than 2,000 new reported cases of coronavirus infections Friday, prompting health officials to express concern about the numbers.

“The indicators are deteriorating, confirming a more active circulation of the virus throughout the country, in particular among young adults,” the health ministry said.

The much-visited port town is not the only ocean-front locale to have a mask wearing mandate. Certain areas of Marseille, Biarritz, Nice and Saint-Malo have followed suit, as well as the larger inland city of Orleans.

Paris will also mandate wearing masks in outdoor areas Monday, including on some of the larger boulevards and along the banks of the Seine River.

Face masks were made mandatory for all enclosed public spaces nationwide July 20. France has seen fit to proceed with caution, cognizant of the fact that the virus is still circulating and summer brings an uptick in outdoor gatherings.

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