The Madrid High Court on Thursday struck down the coronavirus restrictions in Spain’s capital, as the Ministry of Health reported nearly 12,500 more coronavirus infections and 126 deaths. 

Last Friday, Spain’s central government issued an order forbidding non-essential movement in and out of the city of Madrid and several other nearby municipalities

The measures also reduced maximum capacity in places like gyms, bars and restaurants, which also had to close by 11:00 p.m. local time (2100GMT).

The government of Madrid approached the court to challenge the measures imposed by the central government.

On Thursday, the Madrid High Court ruled the measures infringed on “fundamental rights and freedoms.” The ruling explained that for the government to enforce these rules, either Spanish law must be changed or authorities must trigger a state of emergency.

Confusion now reigns in Madrid, which has legally reverted to the previous restrictions that confined only certain neighborhoods in the Spanish capital.

“No one understands the rules. Citizens don’t know what is happening,” said Madrid Premier Isabel Ayuso in a news conference Thursday.

Monday is a holiday across Spain and many residents of Madrid are debating whether or not to take advantage of the legal void and take a long weekend trip.

Despite protesting the restrictions, Ayuso asked all Madrid residents to avoid travel this weekend.

Amid growing antagonism, the Madrid and central governments are in an emergency meeting Thursday evening to discuss the next steps.

Elsewhere, the government of Catalonia reversed their decision to reopen nightclubs. Earlier, Catalan authorities told clubs that they could reopen this week, but said Thursday that “now is not the best time,” as Catalonia registered another 1,672 infections.

Members of the region’s nightlife sector are now camping out in front of the Catalan Parliament and Barcelona City Hall in protest.

“They aren’t clear about anything. Today they tell you one thing, and tomorrow another […] all of this is generating a lot of insecurity,” Christian Compte of the Tarragona Nightclub Association, told digital daily elPeriodico.

On Thursday, the southern region of Andalusia also broke its all-time record for contagions for the third day in a row.

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