As Spain reported less than 200 daily deaths from COVID-19 and under 450 infections for the second day in a row on Tuesday, the government announced new regulations for people entering the country.

With another 436 cases and 176 more deaths confirmed by the Ministry of Health, Spain now registers a total of 26,920 COVID-19 fatalities and over 228,000 cases. Nearly 140,000 people have recovered and over 123,000 people have been hospitalized for the illness.

To prevent importing the virus, from May 15 and until Spain’s state of emergency comes to an end, international arrivals, including Spanish citizens, will be mandated to quarantine for two weeks. Exceptions exist for people who have to cross the border frequently for work.

The decree published Tuesday also forbids foreign homeowners from coming to their second homes in Spain unless they are habitual residents.

The travel restrictions will last until at least May 24, but Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has said he plans to extend the state of emergency until the de-escalation process is over in at least late June.

Shares related to Spanish airlines and Melia Hotels dropped sharply Tuesday morning as a reaction to the news.

The new law comes as slightly over half of Spain is adjusting to new freedoms permitted by eased lockdown measures.

On Monday, images showed café terraces across the country full as people visited friends and family unseen in nearly two months.

“Today I went out for a walk and I have to admit that I’m worried. Just because we can go out and consume, doesn’t mean we can drop our guard,” tweeted Adrián Barbón, President of Asturias, one of several Spanish regions that eased lockdown measures yesterday.

In the parts of the country that have eased measures, terraces and small shops are allowed to open, though many remain shut due to financial concerns about maximum occupancy and hygiene measures.

Around half of Spain’s population, including people in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, remain under a stricter lockdown.

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