JUBA, South Sudan

The Muslim community in South Sudan urged peace and unity as they joined the world in celebrating the Muslim holiday of Eid Al-Adha.

Former Presidential Advisor on Islamic Affairs, Sheikh Juma Said, said peace is the only solution to problems facing South Sudanese.

“We have gathered here today to celebrate this Eid Al-Adha in Juba and as South Sudanese. We want peace to prevail in this country. We want our brothers and sisters in refugee camps and in the diaspora to come back home. This is your home, there is no country sweeter than home so that next year we can celebrate Eid Al-Adha together,” he said during special Eid prayers.

“This celebration is not for Muslims only. It is for all of us because this to commemorate Ibrahim’s readiness to sacrifice his son as a sign of his obedience to God.”

Eid Al-Adha celebrates Prophet Ibrahim’s, or Abraham’s, willingness to sacrifice his son by God’s command but was told to replace the boy on the altar at the last minute with a ram.

He urged residents to join hands to celebrate the historical event as human beings who believe in God by opening doors to welcome everyone who wants to celebrate.

Prayer organizer Gibril Robo Kamanda urged South Sudanese Muslim brothers to embrace peace during the celebration.

“Lets us share goats, sheep, and cows together with our families as we celebrate this important event today in Juba,” he said.

Secretary-General of South Sudan Islamic Council Abdullah Baraj said the Eid-Al Adha sacrifice is the feast of redemption and generosity.

“This feast is the feast of redemption and also it is the feast of generosity and it’s God’s command as he ordered Abraham to slaughter his son and when he accepts God gives him a big sheep from heaven and it becomes sunnah [practice] every year,” he said.

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