South Africa will no longer require people who test positive for COVID-19 to isolate if they have no symptoms, the government has announced.

The move was the result of a substantial rise in the proportion of coronavirus-immune individuals exceeding 60-80% in several sero-surveys that test people’s blood samples to pinpoint trends in the outbreak, the country’s Presidency said in a statement late on Monday.

“Based on the trajectory of the pandemic and the levels of vaccination in the country, Cabinet has decided to make changes to Adjusted Alert Level 1 with immediate effect,” said the statement.

However, those who test positive with symptoms, will be required to isolate for seven days, a period reduced from 10 days.

Schools re-open full time

The statement also said Cabinet had reviewed the issue of schools resuming full-time classes.

“Primary, secondary and special schools will return to daily attendance. The regulatory provision for social distancing of 1 meter for learners in schools has also been removed,” the statement said.

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