Somaliland, a self-declared state in Somalia, announced Tuesday that it has removed all COVID-19 restrictions, including those on movement, social gatherings and businesses. 

Somaliland’s Vice President Abdirahman Saylici told local media in the capital Hargeisa that the government has also removed restrictions on education, youth sports and nightclubs, the local Caasimada online news outlet reported.

Saylici, who noted that a ban had also been lifted on flights from Hargeisa airport, cautioned the community to exercise great care with the lifting of restrictions, saying people entering Somaliland will be required to produce a letter stating they are COVID-19 free.

He also said the wearing of masks and social distancing measures will continue to be observed.

In the last 24 hours, Somaliland has registered 18 new COVID-19 cases.

Since the pandemic started, it has recorded 681 cases and 28 deaths.

To date, no country recognizes Somaliland as a sovereign nation.

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