Years after busy Mogadishu roads were closed causing traffic snarl-ups, Somalia on Tuesday opened the streets that had been blocked to contain terror attacks from al-Qaeda affiliated al-Shabaab militant attacks.

The militants have frequently used vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices on the busy Mogadishu roads claiming dozens of innocent lives.

Radio Garowe in Somalia quoted the Horn of African country’s new prime minister who spearheaded the road-barricade removals as saying: ”A month ago, I was among the people affected by the road closures. The people of Mogadishu do not deserve to suffer further, they must have access to health facilities, education, and I apologize for that inconvenience”.

Businesspeople and commuters who had gathered along the Afarta Jardino intersection to witness the exercise told local media that the road blockades that had been erected for security reasons were seriously disturbing them.

Additional security forces have been deployed on the streets of the capital Mogadishu to bolster security as the barricades are removed, and the teams will be stationed at key points indefinitely.

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